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Yegua Creek farms is located between Elgin and Taylor, TX. We grow pecans and sell pecan products, as well as specialty breads and other baked goods. Come see us at the farmers markets in nearby Bastrop or Elgin, or contact us at (512)856-0192 to arrange a visit! Or, feel free to browse our ONLINE STORE.


product setup info

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  1. First, login to the administrator panel. You can either A) click the JooCart icon (circled):
  2. ...or B) go to the Components menu and select JooCart:
  3. This is the JooCart home page. The horizontal menu items in the red box are shortcuts to items in the dark gray pulldown menu beneath it.
  4. There are two ways to access the products list. You can either click on "Products" in the first menu......
    ...OR... you can click on Catalog > Products:
  5. This is the products home page. Notice the circled product name:
  6. Here is its base price:
  7. To update this product, click the "Edit" button on the right:
  8. When the product's page opens, you'll see that the product information is organized into tabs. I'm only going to get into the one's you'll use most of the time. The "General" tabe controls the product name and its description. The Meta Tag fields have to do with how the product's page information will be displayed on search engine searches. The description field is the product description that appears in the cart system.
  9. The "Data" tab is where a lot of the default data for the product is controlled. Notice the highlighted Price field. This is where the base price for a product is set (more on this later):
    Further down the "Data" page is also where the default image for the product is set. Note that other fields enable determining whether or not the system will subtract inventory and whether or not the product has been enabled for front end viewing.
  10. The "Links" table is used to assign the product to a category. The category must already exist before the product can be assigned to it. Products can be assigned to multiple categories.
  11. The "Options" tab is where you can add different variables, like for weight, size, or color options, etc., and where you set the prices for those options:
    Note the name of this particular option. It will help you to find where to control it:
  12. The "Image" tab is where you add additional images to a product, for a slide show for instance. 
  13. Here's how you find and edit items on the Options tab:
  14. Here is what the Options list looks like. Note the Option name (see #11). Click "Edit" to open and update/edit:
  15. Here is where the options were created that are in step 11.
  16. This is what that option looks like on the front end:

Welcome to Yegua Creek Farms

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Pecans (fresh, sugared or spiced), hearty home-baked breads (25 varieties), tea breads (banana nut, lemon, pumpkin, applesauce, etc.), caramel pecan rolls, raisin bread, apple or cherry pecan bread, cookies of all varities, fudge, chocolate covered pecans, chocolate or peppermint bark, etc.

For those with special needs diets, we offer trail mix w/unroasted, unsalted nuts and dried cherries, blueberries and cranberries. Texas Trash is a cereal mix w/pecans with no added sugar.

Sugar-free bread (sweetened w/Agave) and gluten-free breads are also available as special order items.

Seasonal specialty items like Valentines candy boxes, St. Patrick's Day cupcakes, cookies and Irish Soda Bread, Easter items, etc.

We also have pecan firewood, BBQ chunks, pecan hardwood mulch, pecan shell mulch and beautiful pecan cutting boards.

This site is being finished so there may be some additions over the next few days, but the site is functional, and you can place orders in our store. Choose from the menu banner above to either visit the store, or to send us a contact message.